Wedding Service

We know you want everything to be perfect on your wedding day. You taste food, visit reception halls, and try on clothes. Give the same level of care to the limousines that will escort you throughout the day. At Seattle City Limousine we encourage all of our brides and grooms to visit us and “try on” the actual limousines that will be a part of their wedding day. You’ll see and feel the luxury of Seattle City limousines and know with confidence that no detail is left to chance.

In addition to your wedding day, Seattle City Limo provides limousines and sedans for rehearsal dinners, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and for out-of-town guests coming in for your wedding.

Seattle City Limousine offers the comfort and expertise you require:

  • We’ll help you decide the type and size of vehicles your wedding party will require.
  • 24/7 reliability
  • We won’t double book your vehicle, so your wedding day can proceed at your pace
  • Water, soda, champagne, flowers; we’ll work closely with you to outfit the limousines to your style and needs
  • Fresh, clean limousines

Call one of our representatives to schedule meeting and learn how Seattle City Limousine can add an exquisite level of romance to your wedding day.

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